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Software & IT solutions for business

Twin Points Technologies continues a project which since 2005 until 2021 was known under the brand of DuoKomp Software & Web Development. With profound, years long experience, we have specialized ourselves in development of software and software associated projects, including also untypical, nonstandard solutions following strictly individualized orders.

Our company's offer can be divided into 5 main subgroups of products, all of which are innovative and customer oriented solutions utilizing the most up to date technologies.

Downloadable business software

This part of our offer is addressed to the relatively largest group of customers. Our applications support users in such fields as sales management, invoicing and accounting. They are based on years long combined experiences of both the developers and thousands of users at the same time. Thanks to this, our software has always belonged to the best solutions of its class on the market and has always created new standards of a user-friendly software.

Customized software solutions

We develop individually designed software based on customer provisioned specifications. Since many years we have specialized particularly in CRM, ERP and related solutions. For these, we utilize also our extensive experience in downloadable software. However, we engage also in much less typical projects, for which it would be difficult or impossible to find already existing counterparts or easily implementable templates.

Business and data security

In close cooperation with specialists in fields of business counterintelligence and personal data protection, we offer services addressing threats like intellectual property theft, industrial espionage and personal data leaks. In particular, we provide customized software solutions which protect against these kinds of threats, as well as taking part in audits and activities on the verge of computer forensics and data recovery.